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A collection of aerial photos taken with my "flying camera" is here:



October came with a beautiful display of Northern Lights. These photos are from the island Kvaløya close to the city Tromsø.

This must be the Aurora Butterfly

Lovely refelections in this calm lake:


Northern Lights music video

This beautiful and haunting song called "The Ice is Weeping" is written by the
Norwegian singer and composer Arctic Queen. Photos and editing/direction by Arctic Photo.
Play it loud!



"What is that bright light in the sky?"
After two months without sunshine, the inhabitants of Tromsø can finally see the sun again on January 21st.
People gather outdoors in the cold to celebrate and welcome the sun.



Auroras with a meteor from the Leonid meteor shower, captured in November 2014.
The bridge leads to the coastal settlement Sommarøy ("Summer island") an hour drive from Tromsø



Beautiful auroras over the fjord Ersfjord close to the city Tromsø.
The strong light from the full moon brightens the landscape, and the night sky has turned blue.



A traditional boat called fembøring on a cold and foggy day, with some ice on the still sea.



Reindeer racing is an event that takes place every year in February as a part of
the celebration of the National Sami Day. A reindeer can reach a speed of more than 60 km/h.
This race is from the main street in the arctic city Tromsø in Northern Norway.

 And here is the winner! The fastest reindeer is not named Rudolph, but S. Ruskut.



The Northern lights DVD - A breathtaking audiovisual experience!
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Some Northern Lights photographed in October 2014. It was a dark night with no moonlight, the landscape is mostly silhoutte. But the ice on this small lake makes some nice reflections of the auroras. These northern lights had a lot of purple and red colour, not only the usual green.
Auroras can be green, yellow, purple, red and even blue, depending on what kind of gases the solar particles hit when entering the atmosphere.




January is dark and cold in Tromsø, so it's a perfect time to arrange the Tromsø International Film Festival.
This is the outdoor cinema in the city square, the screen is made of snow and ice.


The One-Eyed house on Sommarøy (Summer island)
It is not a reflection - the sun shines through two opposite windows in the house.
This phenomen is visible only two times a year, and only for a few minutes.



Two seasons from the same viewpoint.
The first one is taken at midnight in the beginning of June, the midnight sun never sets.
The second one is taken three and a half months later, also at midnight.




In Northern Norway you can meet reindeer in the tunnels.



The following five aerial photos are taken with a camera mounted on a multicopter.

A small fishing village on the island Sommarøy (Summer island) in northern Norway

The coastal liner Hurtigruten leaving the city Svolvær in the Lofoten islands, northern Norway

The fishing village Henningsvær in the Lofoten islands, northern Norway

A small community named Bleik, by the open sea in Vesterålen, northern Norway.

From the island Sommarøy (Summer island), close to Tromsø, northern Norway





A very powerful outburst of Auroras on a dark February night. The light was so bright that the tree
cast a shadow on the snow. I have never seen that before.


"Angel Wings"
Some of the most beautiful auroras I have witnessed.





Good to have this shelter in such a weather


Frost mist over a fjord on a bitingly cold day in Febraury

The ferry has arrived


An expert in snow-shoveling at work



Driving in northern Norway

From Nordkynhalvøya (Nordkyn peninsula), in coastal Finnmark

The road between Mehamn and Gamvik, coastal Finnmark


The narrow road between Vardø and Hamningberg, Varanger peninsula, Finnmark

The narrow road between Vardø and Hamningberg, Varanger peninsula, Finnmark

"Thou shall not pass". A scarecrow to stop the reindeer from passing.

The road to Nordkapp (North Cape)

A road sign in a barren landscape. Ifjordfjellet mountain pass, Finnmark


The narrow road between Vardø and Hamningberg, Varanger peninsula, Finnmark

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